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Illy at Coffee Bars & Restaurants

For a café, the quality of the coffee served is the most important element: by itself, coffee represents on average more than 25% of a café's revenue, and is therefore crucial to establish customer loyalty.


Illy connects the world through coffee.  Across 140 countries, on five continents, the iconic red illy square on a café or bar says  “this is the place”.


The illy 3kg tin of coffee beans is one of illy's most widely recognised signatures. Reserved for the HoReCa market, the pressurised tin preserves all the precious coffee flavour and aroma for at least three years. It features a screw-off lid and safety-valve and is designed to be placed directly on top of the grinder-doser once opened.


illy allows yo to differentiate and send a message to your customers.

  • Unmistakable and consistent aroma and taste that the consumer has learnt to recognise, appreciate and seek.
  • Training, assistance and advice from a team of efficient, knowledgeable coffee professionals.
  • The prestige of a worldwide-known brand and the marketing power of a widely recognised logo.


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With our years of experience and knowledge of coffee, roasting and extraction we have developed superb blends that we are able to package and label uniquely for our Cafe customers.

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All of our Private label blends are quality green bean roasted in state of the art facilities, providing an unbeatable espresso experience. Consistent and quality supply